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  • Litter is removed from the lawn during each mowing session.
  • Mowing frequency varies by the season ( wet or dry ) and the client's wishes.
  • Mowing height is adjusted to your specific turf variety. High grass is trimmed with a weed eater.
  • Crisp edge lines are made to give a separation between your lawn and sidewalks or plant beds.
  • Excess clippings are removed from the lawn. Paved areas and curbs are then blown off.

Trimming and Pruning:

  • Palm maintenance, tree, shrub and ornamental plant bed care.
  • Trimmed/ pruned as necessary to maintain proper shape, health growth and optimum bloom.
  • Tree limbs and sucker shoots are bottom pruned for improved aestetics, access and visibility.
  • Tree limbs and Palm fronds are pruned away from buildings with a pole saw.
  • All other trimming that cannot be competed, with a pole saw will requires services of a certified arborist.
  • We will be happy to referral you to a license professional and help suscitate the competition of the work to your satisfaction.
  • Saplings and other invasive vegetation are controlled or removed.

Bed Management:

  • Plant beds are carefully edged to maintain proper size and good form.
  • For weed control we use a combination of manual and chemical methods to effectively keep plant bed and pavement weeds to a minimum.


  • We apply premium grade, slow release fertilizers specially formulated for your lawn, plants, trees and palms.
  • Fertilizers are applied quarterly to promote consistent growth, blooms and a healthy appearance.

Additional Services:

  • Plant removal
  • Mulch Installation
  • Small installations.
  • Monitoring lawn, tree and ornamental pest issues.
  • Monitoring the irrigation system in your yard.
  • Advise and referrals for all your yard and landscape issues.
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